Dear Nassau EMS Professional;

ALL ALS providers are advised that they must be in possession of current Nassau REMAC issued ALS Credentials in order to practice ALS skills in Nassau County.

Upon successful completion of an authorized Protocol Update Session, providers will be directed to take the Nassau REMAC Credentialing Exam. This final step in the credentialing process will require ALS Providers to take, and pass, the Nassau REMAC Credentialing Exam. The passing grade for this examination is set at 80 percent, and the exam will be suitable for both EMT-CCís and Paramedics.  All Nassau ALS Providers are strongly encouraged to familiarize themselves with the new Nassau ALS Protocols before attempting this exam.

This Office understands that many questions and concerns will arise as we progress through this transition period.  The following information is being furnished to assist providers in understanding the credentialing and re-credentialing process moving forward:


Renewing Nassau Credentials:

Any ALS Provider seeking to renew his or her Nassau County Credentials must contact any of the three Nassau Academies to make an appointment to take the credentialing exam and will receive an unlimited amount of attempts on the Nassau Credentialing Examination.  Academy Personnel will issue a letter to those who pass the exam.  This letter, along with a copy of providerís new NYS EMT-CC or Paramedic credentials, must be sent to the Nassau REMSCo Office.  You will get an e-mail advising you when your updated Nassau Credentialing Card is ready for you to pick up.   If any of your information has changed since initial credentialing, please notify this office of your new address or other change at the time of document submission.


Students completing Advanced Level Courses in this County:

Any new EMT-CC or Paramedic completing his or her original program at a Nassau based EMS Academy will be granted an unlimited amount of credentialing exam attempts.  EMS Academy Personnel will collect required provider data and provider photograph for credentialing process.  Nassau REMSCo Office will furnish credentials upon receiving from the provider; a copy of their current NYS EMT-CC or Paramedic card, and a signed/original Nassau REMSCo Letter of Support from their Agency Medical Director and Chief/Officer from affiliated agency(s).  All documents must be sent to the address below.


Attaining First-Time Nassau Credentials as of 1/01/15:

Any certified NYS EMT-CC or Paramedic seeking first-time credentialing in Nassau County, must contact any of the three Nassau Academies to arrange for an appointment, and attempt the Nassau Credentialing Exam.  If he or she passes the exam (80 or better) on their first attempt, they will be permitted to receive credentialing as a Nassau ALS Provider.  Academy Personnel will collect required documentation, obtain photograph, and paperwork for submission to the Nassau REMSCo Office.  Nassau REMSCo Office will produce the credentials for the provider once all required documentation is received.

 Any certified NYS EMT-CC or Paramedic seeking first-time credentialing in Nassau County who fails the exam on their first attempt, must complete a Nassau Protocol Update Session at one the three Nassau Academies.  Once a Protocol Update Session is completed, an unlimited amount of credentialing exam attempts will be authorized.


An appointment is required to take the Nassau Credentialing examination.  Please contact the Academies directly for times and availability.  You will NOT be permitted entry into any ALS credentialing examination without the following documentation:

        Photo Identification (driverís license or other government issued identification)

        A photocopy of your current New York State EMT-CC or EMT-P credentials  

        Nassau REMSCo Letter(s) of Support (for first-time credentialing or any new agency affiliations only)


Please contact Academy directly to confirm a session and/or to reserve a seat:



Nassau County EMS Academy

300 Winding Road

Old Bethpage

(516) 572-8530



Nassau County Fire Police EMS Academy

2201 Hempstead Turnpike

Building B, Second Floor

East Meadow, NY 11554

(516) 572-0190


North Shore-LIJ Emergency Medical Institute

1979 Marcus Avenue, Suite 101

Lake Success, NY 11042

(516) 396-6286


All credentialing documents should be sent/delivered to:

 Nassau Regional EMS Council

Attn: ALS Credentialing Clerk

131 Mineola Boulevard, Suite 105

Mineola, NY 11501



© Copyright 2014, NREMSC